Network of European Foundations
NEF is the Network of European Foundations NEF is an operational platform that seeks to develop joint initiatives between foundations and other actors. It support projects in several fields – social inclusion, democracy and international development – in Europe and in the world. NEF's motto is ‘Partnering for Impact’. NEF exists to: – give a European perspective to nationally based and local/regional initiatives, so as to explore new ideas and build new patterns of cooperation which contribute to the development of systemic social change; – create a store of effective and operational European funding experience with a view to bring added value; – enable smaller and larger foundations to join forces in mounting joint-ventures; – demonstrate to the EU and other international organisations that European foundations can play an effective, complementary role to governmental initiatives in a flexible way, thus enhancing the overall impact and outreach of the action; – foster mutual trust and cooperation between foundations and other partners with shared interests.

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Network of European Foundations - European Programme for Integration & Migration

Type of funding: Grant Source: European Type of cost: Capital, Revenue

EPIM supports and strengthens NGOs active in migration and integration issues at the European level, promoting their advocacy capacities and supporting civil society in its role as a counterbalance to official institutions. Through calls for proposals, the EPIM enables national N…

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